Undergraduates Program
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1. Introduction


Jiangxi Agricultural University offers 67 undergraduate programs in 15 schools to international students. The undergraduate programs have a schooling system of 4 years. All programs are taught in Chinese. Bachelor's degree and graduation certificate are awarded to those who have finished all the required course work and passed thesis defense.


Undergraduate Programs


Name of Schools

Programs (Specialties)


School of Agronomy

l        Agronomy

l        Horticulture

l        Plant Protection

l        Animal and Plant Quarantine

l        Seed Science and Engineering

l        Tea science


School of Landscape and Art

(School of Forestry)

l        Forestry

l        Garden

l        Art Design

l        City Planning

l        Landscape Architecture

l        Chemical Industry of Forest Products


School of Animal Science and Technology

l        Animal Science

l        Veterinary Medicine

l        Animal Pharmacy

l        Aquaculture Breeding


School of Economics and Management

l        Economy and Management of Agricultural and Forestry

l        Accounting

l        Economics

l        Marketing  

l        Finance

l        Business Management

l        International Trade

l        Financial Management

l        Labor and Social Security


School of Bioscience and Bioengineering

l        Biological Technology

l        Biological Engineering

l        Biological Science

l        Pharmaceutical Engineering


School of Information and Engineering

l        Computer Science and Technology

l        Information Management and Information System

l        Electronic Commerce

l        Network Engineering


School of Software

l        Software Engineering

l        Internet of Things


School of Engineering

l        Agricultural Mechanization and Its Automation

l        Mechanic Design and Automation

l        Traffic Engineering

l        Civil Engineering

l        Engineering Management

l        Electronic Information Engineering


School of Science

l        Applied Chemistry

l        Information and Computing Science


School of Land Resources and Environment

l        Land Resources Management

l        Agricultural Resources and Environment

l        Geographic Information System

l        Environmental Engineering

l        Environmental Science

l        Tourism Management

l        Agricultural Hydraulic Engineering


School of Food Science and Engineering

l        Food quality and safety

l        Food Science and Engineering

l        Light Chemical Engineering


School of Humanities and Public Administration

l        Chinese

l        Law

l        Journalism

l        Music Performance

l        Public Enterprise Management

l        Management Science


School of Foreign Languages

l        English

l        Business English

l        Japanese


NanChang Business College

l        Accounting

l        Economics

l        Business Management

l        Computer Science


Vocational School of Teachers and Technology

l        Educational Technology

* The above information may be updated at any time.



2. Qualification of Applicants

(1) Applicants should finish senior high school and gain the related certificate (or same-level education background).

(2) Applicants should pass Chinese Proficiency Test (NEW HSK) band 5.

(3) Applicants should be under the age of 25.

(4) Applicants must be in good health with no infectious disease or any physical or mental diseases that may affect the normal study.



3. Documents for Application

(1) Resume and personal statement.

(2) Copy of high school diploma or equivalent, and academic transcript.

(3) Copy of HSK certificate and score report.

(4) The completed Application Form.

(5) Copy of the page with personal information in the passport.

(6) No Criminal Record Certificate.

(7) Some recent photos (Passport-style).

(8) The application fee is RMB 500 (non-refundable).


The application materials provided should be the documents in Chinese or in English; otherwise notarial translations in Chinese or English are required. Other documents may be required when necessary. None of the above application documents will be returned.



4. Application Procedure

Step 1: Please submit application documents listed above to International Exchange Office of Jiangxi Agricultural University by email or in person.


Step 2: Confirmation Note of Preliminary Review will be emailed to applicant if the materials approved.


Step 3: Application Fee Payment

Applicant should pay the application fee (RMB 500) within 7 working days after received the Confirmation Note.

1. Pay via bank transfer;

2. Please visit Jiangxi Agricultural University and pay in cash.


Step 4: The relevant departments of JXAU will review your application and contact you soon. If accepted, International Exchange Office of Jiangxi Agricultural University will inform you immediately, and mail the admission notice and “Visa Application for Study in China” to applicant later.



5. Application time: from April 1st to Jun 30th

* The starting time of classes usually is early September. For the exact date, please refer to the Admission Notice.



6. Tuition & Fees

l        Application fee: RMB 500 (non-refundable)

l        Tuition Fee: RMB 15,000 per year

l        Accommodation fee: RMB 4,000/per/year (Standard Room)

(JXAU provides international students with restroom,air-condition,water heater,TV)

l        Learning Material Fee: Actual price

l        Medical Insurance: Actual price of Insurance Company (about RMB 600 per year)



7. Contact Information

Contacts: Ms. Yu (Cindy)

Address: International Exchange Office, Jiangxi Agricultural University, Nanchang City, 330045, Jiangxi, P.R.China

Email Address: ieojau@hotmail.com

Tel: +86-791-83813978/83828053

Fax: +86-791-83828053